Indie Studio Salon

If you’re considering a move from your current salon, why not consider a move to make the most of your talents and hard work? Why not “think indie” and become an independent studio salon owner? Here at indie studio salons, we offer a fun and highly professional setting where you can maximize your growth potential, as you feature your individual creative talents—in your very own space!

Benefits of indie studio salon ownership

Create your own private personal salon.

Be surrounded by like-minded professionals.

Decorate your own studio – your way.

You are in charge of your own business.

Maximize earning potential by keeping all profits.

Salon privacy for both you and your clients.

Establish your own business identity.

Long-term leases available.

Move-in bonus available to new studio owners.


Deluxe Studio Salon Suites

Professionally designed studios allowing personalization of decor
Built-in work station cabinet with large mirror and shampoo bowl
Premium quality furnishings with extra storage
Private lockable entrance
Free wi-fi
Custom designed interior studio signage provided
Credit card terminal available


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